About the Author   
Karl A. Breheim has spent many years living in and exploring the vast wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. A researcher of history, indigenous peoples, and mineral wealth, Karl and others found themselves being visited by the very reclusive creatures known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Skunk Ape..''old man of the forest" while Karl was leading deep wilderness excursions into areas which had not seen a human foot print in hundreds of years, if ever. After watching Karl at work in the deep, magnificent forests of old growth giant trees, the incredible denizens of those wilderness zones known as Bigfoot, decided to shyly approach and let their presence be known. It is this soul stirring presence which has led Karl to return to the wilds, year after year, trying with every means he can gather, hoping against  

hope that he can gather enough proof, support, and legal assistance which is required for legislation needed to protect the environment from rampant logging. The native old growth trees are several thousands of years old, giants long before Columbus arrived. Powerful men of greed are clear cutting these ancient sentinels of the Pacific Northwest, sending their trunks to China on great ships as this is written. Once gone, these great trees will not return to a devastated eco-system within the once pristine zones, and all forms of life therein will perish. Everything on Karls site is free, including a detailed manuscript that Karl kept, describing in great detail his amazing encounters with the great kings of the deep forests. Join him in his quest to preserve the precious eco-systems and creatures within. Karl now resides in Mobile, Alabama with his ancient cock-a-poo and several cats he rescued from starvation.